Frequently asked questions

Where is BOSS Built?

We are located in Inverell, a rural town of 16,000 people in Northern New South Wales which is 2.5hr north of Tamworth, 5hrs South West of Brisbane and 7hrs north of Sydney.

Can you deliver my tray to me?

Yes, we can ship our trays and trailers Australia-wide, with most major freight companies.

Do you need my vehicle to build the tray?

No, we have designed and built trays to fit all makes and models.

How long does it take to fit a Boss tray?

Most trays are fitted in 1.5 hours. Removal of a "Tub" may slightly increase the time it takes.

What will I do while my Boss tray is being fitted?

We have a customer lounge with television, Wi-Fi, and tea & coffee. We can also drop you into town, and will pick you up when your tray is ready.
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I have toolboxes (to mount on top of tray), can you make short sideboards to suit?

Yes, custom sideboard lengths are available, but may increase the lead time to manufacture your tray.

Can accessories be fitted to my tray after it has been installed?

Yes, our unique Mount-Trak system allows for the fitting of accessories at any time without the need to make adjustments to the tray.

What is Double Powder Coating

Double Powder Coating applies coats of dry powder which is cured with heat to produce a strong, hardwearing finish which resists chipping, scratching and corrosion. The alternative to powder coating is a 2-pack paint finish which, while not as strong as powder coating, boasts a much larger range of colours. Please Contact Us to see which colour matches are available for your vehicle.

Can I fit my own Boss tray?

Yes! In fact, if we are not fitting your tray, you will receive a discount on your tray price. If you have the means to safely fit your own Tray, we are happy for you to do so. We can ship your tray to you (Business Address only) no matter where you are. We provide clear fitting instructions, wiring diagrams(all wiring is plug & play) and fitting support. Contact Us about our fitting discount.

How can I pay the deposit to get my tray started?

A $500 Deposit is required to start your Tray order. This can be paid by either Direct Deposit or Credit card. Please Contact Us to arrange.